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Cleveland Point Lighthouse Playground

Little Vacations – Cleveland

Hi all, Hope you guys stay active and have your own little vacations wherever you are – it’s good for your ❤️ We took a little “vacation” – a day trip to Cleveland last Sunday.  Cleveland is just a short 1 hour drive from Gold Coast. It is located at the western shores of Moreton Bay, where […]

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Penang Race Against Time (Run for Life) 5 Jun 2011

We participated in the run last weekend, running on the sandy beach is really tough. Part of the run about 1.6 km is on the sandy beach, that’s a challenge really ! The total run was only 6km but I took nearly an hour to finish it. haa.. Beside the run, I actually enjoyed the […]

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Malakof 8km Run, 2011

Malakof Run was awesome! I have never thought that I could make a long run. From one who never like any sports, … I’ve changed ‘dramatically’ in the last two years. I manage to finish the 8km run, to me completing the run already is an achievement! On the other note on Art Expo NY, […]

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March 2011

Hi all, March 2011 is really an exiting month for me!  First week, we’d gotten the evidence of Australian PR Visa sticker on our passport!  YAY! Then, we worked on the framing and packing of my artwork to Art Expo New York 2011. Getting these pretties ready to be delivered by JIM. Estimated to arrive at […]

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I Start Running

Yesterday, I start running 🙂  Bought myself a Brooks – Launch ! Well, for the first run yesterday in Botanical Garden, I just manage to complete 3km within 25 minutes.. consider good? 

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new Shoe

bought a new running shoe today 🙂  no more Nike .. this time is Brooks .. run, world run!  yahoo ! will wear it to my step class today. 

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