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2007 christmas plant

i planted this small potted plant during 2006 christmas.after a few time of prunning and changing of pots now it grow to have her own character. blog writing is so good .. that you could do your own review of what you have been through the in the year .. any accomplishment and any achievement […]

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this is where i paint

Christmas day.. and this is where i paint .. in fact i am quite mobile .. haha. the drawing board could be moved to anywhere i like. sorry.. it’s quite a messy place i have here. ha but is where i spend most of my days.

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frangipanni blossom again  揈ć’Čく

the frangipanni  (plumeria) outside my shop blossom again. 🙂 see how beautiful she is. .. ćș—ăźć‰ă«ă€€ç¶șéș—ăȘ Frangipanni ă€€ćˆć’Čăïœž

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my wish plant on Christmas 2006,  ïŒ’ïŒïŒïŒ–ă‚ŻăƒȘă‚čマă‚čă«ćžŒæœ›ăźæ€ç‰©

planted on 25 Dec 2006 ,my wish grows with this plant 2006ćčŽ12月25æ—„ă«æ€ăˆă‚‰ă‚ŒăŸă™, ç§ăźćžŒæœ›ăŒă€€ă“ăźæ€ç‰©ă‚’ă€€äž€ç·’ă«æˆé•·ă™ă‚‹ă€‚ クăƒȘックしどください

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