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persian - original textured acrylic painting

YES ! It’s SOLD !

I’m thrilled that PERSIAN found her new home in Chicago.  ☺  Haven’t been painting lately, my mind has been fully occupied with work, they’re getting busier. So when this order came through on Etsy  I was over the moon ! This has been a great push. And,  it’s time to get back to painting. Update 4 July […]

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Strange Plant

Can anyone please tell me what is the name of this plant?  My mom has this plant at home and since last week, it started to bloom for the first time. With a pink fan looking center piece and small purple flowers around it.

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New Life …

A gift from a friend who has gone back to Australia. It is now starting a new life in a new environment, my studio.  

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my Weekend

Woke up 7am today, went for breakfast, roti bakar, half boil egg and nasi lemak ! then back to .. trimming, fertilizing and watering the plants .. I do enjoy gardening!  Though it is just a small plot for me to plant but the greenery really cheer up my shop-house front 🙂   

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I am so happy to see my banana plant having a flower bud this week! wow. I feel that our day is going brighter and brighter … Here let me share some photo with you, isn’t she pretty ? I will update more photos as she grows And, we are very excited about the upcoming […]

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Stealing vs. Gardening

my pot and plant are gone!! They were still there this morning, but after lunch just now, they were gone! What !! steeling in the middle of the DAY and on this busy street of Nagore Road ! I can’t believe it!  I hate to say this, but this is not the first time. I […]

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Year End Gardening :)

came back from a garden store with a new friend, Mr. Banana 🙂  re-planted him to a bigger pot with new soil. plan to put it in front of our gallery beside my “daun keladi” but now let him get settle down with the new air new environment behind my studio first, where he could […]

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Dancing lady blossom

my dancing lady is blossoming.. about a few months ago i tied the baby dancing lady orchid to my frengi penny tree, (plumeria) I thought I may not grow well.  But look, she is gorgeous.

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My Plumeria is Blooming again

suddenly feel that pink is so elegant.

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new plants

today, I had planted a new plants in a teak wood block bought from Jatujak Market, Bangkok.

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