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persian - original textured acrylic painting

YES ! It’s SOLD !

I’m thrilled that PERSIAN found her new home in Chicago.  ☺  Haven’t been painting lately, my mind has been fully occupied with work, they’re getting busier. So when this order came through on Etsy  I was over the moon ! This has been a great push. And,  it’s time to get back to painting. Update 4 July […]

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Another Superb Week! .. Tropical Valley was SOLD

Last week was another superb week  for me! I sold another painting, Tropical Valley on my Etsy store.  It is now heading her way to California! And, I started working on a new piece .. contemplating on the colour composition. But I am really excited on this new work. Please drop by again, I will […]

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Happy September !!

September starts with a beautiful Gift today. The sale of these 4 abstract peacocks paintings which I completed last week is confirmed today via my Etsy Store. All four artworks are heading to their new home in Chicago. 

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Abstract Peacock Paintings

Continued from the work in progress which I shared last week … here are the completed work. Abstract peacock paintings with bold acrylic texture on canvas. Last week had been a busy week for me with parents visiting and I had been taking days off to be with them. Work kind of piling up. But, […]

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Busy Week

Just completed a textured painting on recycled mat board for my Etsy shop. A small pink flower on gold, yellow and green textured background. Any comments?  🙂  On the other hand, the commissioned artwork of Hua Kai Fu Gui (花开富贵) is complete with the background print and framing. As per my client request, she would […]

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There is Always Tomorrow

That’s why there’s always tomorrow, to start over again Things will never be the same, the only sure thing’s CHANGE   (chorus from Gloria Estafan’s Always Tomorrow) Title: There is Always Tomorrow currently available in my Etsy shop It could be less pressured when we think that there’s always a second chance for us to […]

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Color is Chemistry

These few days, I have been exploring Animoto.com which is an online video creating tools.  It is awesome! And their music collections are fantastic! Today, just stumble upon this song called “Chemistry” by Valerie Cuggino. There is emails always asking me how I worked on the textures and colors. So I decided to make a video today, […]

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Apr 02 – Original Texture Acrylic Painting on Recycled Mat Board 4×4 inch

now available on Etsy

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Yin & Yang Found their New Home

Yin and Yang is heading to their new home soon … Arizona, US.  I’m glad that my arts could be in the homes and interiors of many wonderful people around the world.  Thank you so much for everyone who appreciate my work.  Hope everyone is doing great this weekend!

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Dance Peacock has found her new home

I’m very happy that “Dance Peacock” has found her wonderful new home in Sydney! Thank you so much! your purchase of my art have been a great encouragement to me and it’s the highest compliment. Thank you.

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