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revolve - original asian painting


Revolve Painting on Canvas Introducing you to a new painting, Revolve. It is a textured acrylic painting on 20 x 20inch canvas. Orangey yellow, green with bronze and shimmering gold. Revolve, in the painting on canvas, there are circles in circles. Each swirling the other. In life too, sometimes we thought that we have been […]

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The Brightest Star Tonight - Texture Art

The Brightest Star Tonight

Small Textured Acrylic Painting Hi all, it is February 2021! Guess what, I am getting back to painting. ☺ Though it is very slow progress, I am very happy with it. A new small textured acrylic painting with a blue and gold floral motif. Light touches of gold color shimmer on the dark turquoise blue. […]

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indigo silver mandala iv

texture INDIGO SILVER MANDALA painting

Hi all, How’s everyone holding up with the lockdown? I hope everyone is safe and well. Today, I just wanted to share my new painting, texture Indigo Silver Mandala painting. During this lockdown, I took some time off from Bingkai and Ahmoy. And, I started a small texture mandala painting on canvas. Here I share […]

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persian - original textured acrylic painting

YES ! It’s SOLD !

I’m thrilled that PERSIAN found her new home in Chicago.  ☺  Haven’t been painting lately, my mind has been fully occupied with work, they’re getting busier. So when this order came through on Etsy  I was over the moon ! This has been a great push. And,  it’s time to get back to painting. Update 4 July […]

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Rangoli VI – Original Acrylic Texture Painting

Rangoli VI, another painting I just completed, inspired by Indian Rangoli drawing.  This acrylic texture painting is filled with emerald green on deep turquoise with highlights of gold textures.  Also I have listed this painting on Etsy, check this out here –>  https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/398235279/rangoli-vi-original-abstract-textured Please let me know your thoughts at the comment here below. Love […]

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First Quarter of 2016

Papa and mama came to stay with us for 2 weeks! Have had the greatest moment with them. Only miss them more …  ** sob sob ** But I am going to see them again in July .. real soon in Penang  😉 . Oh yes, finally I have get back on board, working on […]

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Hi All,  It has been a busy week and it was a great one !  And it is even lovelier to see ROMANCE is heading to her new home in Virginia, USA. This is the best motivation for me to move further in this journey. Thank you so much.  And, in Bingkai we have completed a […]

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Hi all, This is just a random post .. a little bit of this and that 🙂 Cooler weather now that I could spend more time in the studio which is in our garage. Have just completed Grace. I always dream to be able to dance gracefully … well more of an imaginary thoughts. And, […]

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Some Vintage Chairs Restoration

Hi All,  Life is interesting !  I have a little project last week, restoring a few vintage chairs. Cleaning up, sanding down, waxing all round and upholstering the cushion ! And now I am in love with this beauties.  They are of the bentwood chairs, one of Ton’s design. Which was imported and assembled by […]

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Everything Feel So Good!

Hi All Wishing you a beautiful morning! Things are shaping up slowly and we are feeling good! First to share is I sold my original peacock textured acrylic painting, “Flourish” over the weekend. And am totally flattered with the comments from the buyers : “Wow. I just love it. Thank you so much. Your so […]

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