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unique gift for father in law this chirstmas

20221116 – Christmas Chaos

2022 Christmas It is the first Christmas after the COVID lockdowns. Now, everyone is free to go out and shop. And, people are visiting each other. The traffic on the road is chaos. But, the good thing is our shop is still as busy as in previous years. A Gift To Father In Law? Someone […]

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ground compose

20221025 – Underground Compost Bin

I was reading this post about an underground compost bin. In this article, she used a bucket but I opted for an empty fish oil supplements container. It is much smaller, I just cut off the bottom and dig in the soil and place it in. I will have a couple more when I finished […]

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xiaomi viomi v3 vacuum mop robot

20221021 – Robot Vacuum Mop

Hi all, very happy that I decided to purchase the Xiaomi Viomi V3 Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner. It’s the best buy of the year! I’m now typing here while the robot works the work! Handsfree and I can relax doing other things. 😁 Xiaomi Viomi V3 Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner SPECIFICATION Suction Power: 2600 Pa […]

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20221018 – Frisbees

Tuesday. Gloomy. Rain coming. Over the weekend we went to Rebel to get ourselves a frisbee! Frisbees or sometimes called a flying discs. There are a couple of choices there. We chose a 170g professional frisbee. 😁 Guess it may be a good one to practice on. Well, it is not easy to throw and […]

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Wednesday. Gloomy. Air Fryer Basket Vs Air Fryer Oven Since my mom and sister both highly recommend air fryers, I am looking for one now. There are two types of air fryers, the basket, and the oven. Both pre-heat faster than the convection oven. And, they are smaller and can be placed on the countertop. […]

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How To Grow Mung Bean Sprouts


Saturday. Rainy. Just harvested my mung bean sprouts, they are sweet and juicy! How To Grow Mung Bean Sprouts Want to build your own sustainable green garden at home? Here is one easy method. Grow your own mung bean sprouts! Here are the simple steps: Soak the mung beans overnight. Prepare a clean plastic colander. […]

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sign painting while watching Ali Abdaal's show


Friday. Sunny warm day. It’s Friday again. And it is the last day of September 2022. Not much was done today. Only doing some sign paintings to replenish the stock in Bingkai. While painting, I listen to Ali Abdaal’s “The Highs And Lows Of Being A Viral Sensation – Max Fosh” I must say that […]

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Sunday. Sunny bright day. Woolworths In-Store Price Vs. Online Price Have you ever wondered if there is a price difference between in-store and online? Today, I went shopping and found out this … The weather gets warmer and I think it is time to get myself some hot baby chili. So I grab a bunch […]

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Friday. Rain then sun. Sharing a piece of piano music – Wedding in a dream. Happened to listen to this song in Heart Signal Season 5 Episode 5. It was an evening in Shanghai. Sunset by the river. While the woman took a photo of the beautiful sunset. Her partner sat behind admiring her lovingly […]

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Sign Painting in Progress


Journal 2022-09-22 Thursday. Rainy gloomy day. Queen’s mourning public holidays. Couriers Please wasn’t here to pick up the lightbox order. Again, I didn’t realize it was a holiday today. 🙄 Working from home could sometimes isolate me from the outside world. Nothing much happened today. I did two APPLAUSE sign paintings to replenish the stock […]

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