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revolve - original asian painting


Revolve Painting on Canvas Introducing you to a new painting, Revolve. It is a textured acrylic painting on 20 x 20inch canvas. Orangey yellow, green with bronze and shimmering gold. Revolve, in the painting on canvas, there are circles in circles. Each swirling the other. In life too, sometimes we thought that we have been […]

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warwick sunflower field

Warwick and Stanthorpe trip

We planned a trip to Warwick thinking to see the sunflower field. Haha, we got there at the wrong timing, February 12th. It was just right after the harvesting. We should have called Warwick Visitor Information Center before going. There will be another flowering coming 3 or 4 weeks later. But, I did have a […]

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The Brightest Star Tonight - Texture Art

The Brightest Star Tonight

Small Textured Acrylic Painting Hi all, it is February 2021! Guess what, I am getting back to painting. ☺ Though it is very slow progress, I am very happy with it. A new small textured acrylic painting with a blue and gold floral motif. Light touches of gold color shimmer on the dark turquoise blue. […]

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indigo silver mandala iv

texture INDIGO SILVER MANDALA painting

Hi all, How’s everyone holding up with the lockdown? I hope everyone is safe and well. Today, I just wanted to share my new painting, texture Indigo Silver Mandala painting. During this lockdown, I took some time off from Bingkai and Ahmoy. And, I started a small texture mandala painting on canvas. Here I share […]

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gift from your past, lebuh armenian, penang

Today is A Gift From Your Past

Listened to BiggerPockets Money Podcast, guest Antony Ongaro said ” Everything in your life is a gift from your past self. It is up to you today to choose whether you would like to accept it. ” I totally agree with it. And, I accept my life today. in 2010, Eng and I decided to […]

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persian - original textured acrylic painting

YES ! It’s SOLD !

I’m thrilled that PERSIAN found her new home in Chicago.  ☺  Haven’t been painting lately, my mind has been fully occupied with work, they’re getting busier. So when this order came through on Etsy  I was over the moon ! This has been a great push. And,  it’s time to get back to painting. Update 4 July […]

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My Day to Day Work

Hello friends, Guess, you must be thinking where have Ching been. Well, I am doing just fine. Have had family and friends visiting us in the Gold Coast.  And now, we know more about where to go and what to do in Gold Coast ! ☺.. think I could host an Airbnb Experience soon. As […]

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Tamborine Mountain Botanical Garden

It’s spring in the Gold Coast!  Though we are having a scorching spring this year, but as you drive up to Tamborine Mountain and once step out from your car, you will enjoy the cooling breeze and fresh air. We didn’t know there is such a beautiful garden up on Tamborine Mountain, the Tamborine Mountain Botanical […]

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ahmoy Contemporary Modern Minimalist Art Prints for Interiors

ahmoy – Contemporary Modern Minimalist Art Prints for Interiors

ahmoy on Etsy offering a range of contemporary modern minimalist art prints for your interiors.  They are excellent choice unique DIY home decor and also great for last minute gifts. Because you could instantly download the digital files and print it to any size you want. You could print at home or either send it to your preferred […]

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Tamborine Mountain walk 3

Mount Tamborine and Pickers & Co.

Hi All, Again a new week almost ends  .. how have you guys been doing ? Last weekend, we had a little vacation again ☺ →  Mount Tamborine. Before we starts our journey up hill we stop at Pickers & Co. for a quick coffee fix! We passed by Pickers & Co. sometime ago and […]

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