Revolve Painting on Canvas

revolve - original asian painting
Revolve – acrylic impasto medium on 20 x 20inch canvas.

Introducing you to a new painting, Revolve. It is a textured acrylic painting on 20 x 20inch canvas. Orangey yellow, green with bronze and shimmering gold.

Revolve, in the painting on canvas, there are circles in circles. Each swirling the other.

In life too, sometimes we thought that we have been moving forward but in fact, we are back to where we begin. Each and every circle we made are interlocking each other. The path we made carve the stories of our life. It is the beauty of our life. The pattern is unique for everyone.

No matter whether we are making circles, straight lines or curved slopes, it never stops. We just need to make it beautiful throughout the journey. Take every step mindfully and enjoy the very moment.

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Icing on the Cake

As you may have known, I work from home (even before the pandemic). I run Bingkai on Etsy and also our own website. We design and handmade lightbox signs. My time is fully occupied. But, work is work. I have leisure time too.🤣 Since I’m going to be 50 years old this December! 50, the big number! To stay healthy and fit, I cook almost every meal myself and I make sure to exercise at least an hour a day. I jog or skip rope in the morning for fun. Besides, I bought myself a skateboard from Kmart on my 49th birthday. LoL. … shhh… 🤐don’t tell anyone … after almost a year, I still can’t push properly.

Here are some short clips that I took randomly:

Let me share with you the websites, social media and YouTube channels that I’m following for my activities:

Hope you like what I’m sharing. Please let me know what you think in the comment below.

Run, Jump, Skip, and Stretch.


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