The Brightest Star Tonight

Small Textured Acrylic Painting

Hi all, it is February 2021! Guess what, I am getting back to painting. ☺ Though it is very slow progress, I am very happy with it. A new small textured acrylic painting with a blue and gold floral motif. Light touches of gold color shimmer on the dark turquoise blue. It is the brightest star tonight shimmering in the sky.

The Brightest Star Tonight

Painting Progress

Sharing here is a video of the painting progress. The video is not complete, it was cut off before I knowing it. 😉 I will take a better video next time.

I started the painting with textured modeling paste, formed the pattern then let it dry overnight before start painting.

The Painting is …

Available on website here

Also, available on Etsy here

Besides the painting, …

I just got myself a skateboard ☺ Learning to get on the board and not falling down. It is quite a big challenge for a 50-year-old. (Yeah yeah, I’m officially in my 50s!! ) Life isn’t fun without challenges. Maybe I will do an ollie one day, who knows. At least I tried. I will keep you posted on my progress. Stay tuned … ♥

taken on 6 Dec 2020

I love to hear from you guys. I don’t like to be here talking to myself, please leave a comments below.

Thank you!


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