Today is A Gift From Your Past

gift from your past
Chinese New Year 2020 at Lebuh Armenia, Penang

Listened to BiggerPockets Money Podcast, guest Antony Ongaro said ” Everything in your life is a gift from your past self. It is up to you today to choose whether you would like to accept it. ”

I totally agree with it. And, I accept my life today.

in 2010, Eng and I decided to start a new life here in Australia. Away from the land where we grew up in where our families, friends and life were. It was not a smart decision to make at the age of 40. But we have a very smooth PR visa application and voila in 2012 we moved to this new land ! Sold everything we had and spent all the savings. It is literally a fresh new start ! ☺

Today 13 Feb 2020, I’m sitting here working from home, running a few Etsy stores and e-commerce sites (like this one) while Eng working as a picture framers at a local shop. Age is catching up, we are stepping into our 50s ! Look into our future and it seems not promising. Are we too late to start saving and investing ?

We always hear people say the best time to invest is 20 years ago, and the second-best is NOW. So, I am ‘preparing’ a ‘gift’ for my future self by starting saving and investing now. I will keep the habits of saving, I promise. ☺

Hope everyone is doing well! And I love hearing from you, your thoughts and stories.



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