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Hello friends,

Guess, you must be thinking where have Ching been.

Well, I am doing just fine. Have had family and friends visiting us in the Gold Coast.  And now, we know more about where to go and what to do in Gold Coast ! ☺.. think I could host an Airbnb Experience soon.

As a seller on Etsy for 3 stores now, ahmoy, Bingkai and ChingTeoh. I admit that I have been neglecting my textured art for really long. In building ahmoy now, more time required on creating new artworks. We have now as at today, 163 art prints available for download. They are all in large high res file ready for printing up to A2 or A1 size.  Check us out here →

abstract watercolour instant download art prints
botanical photography art print
maidenhair fern art print
Custom Registration Lightbox Hand Painted Sign for Hood River Hotel, Oregon, USA

Also, not forgetting BINGKAI.  Recently, we have been getting quite a number of order from businesses from local and the USA for custom lightbox hand painted sign. Also, there is an exciting 1920 vintage building restoration project that we are taking part in. We are re-creating old 1920’s signage. The process involves tea-staining prints and framing. This is just the start of the project. There will be more photo follows.

Framed Tea Stained Prints

It’s March, there’s about a month before I am heading back to Penang. My mama is going to have her knee operation in April, wish in every way I could that my mama will recover in no time.

Talk to you guys soon … when I can.




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