Hello Lovelies !

Hi all,

It has been a year since we moved in to this house. Still working on the garden though and need to get new curtain, probably a dishwasher too, and … the list never end. Remember once we met a friend he said when you own a house no matter how long you take, the list will be still growing. I think it is purely because it is our HOME that’s why, we love our space so we make it a better place. 🙂

How has everyone been ? me? , … nothing much changes. We went back to Penang visited our family for 2 weeks. Still miss them so so much, the feeling is more and more intense. This is the hardest part.

Back to Gold Coast, in August, we participated in Bridge to Brisbane 10km Run! Can’t imagine the crowd could be that packed ! With little or say zero training .. I am quite happy with my result. I completed the 10km in 1 Hour 4 Minutes. I could do better if I didn’t stop for photos. Haaa but what’s the purpose of the run if I didn’t stop to admire the beautiful scenery and how others run the breath out. 

In work, we’re delighted to have completed couple of lightboxes for singer/song writer Nick Howard, Brooklyn, USA and music media house Pitchfork Media in New York, USA.  With our works mostly delivered to the US, sometimes I am thinking is my move to Australia a right choice ? hmm .. just have this funny thoughts pops up. no no no .. don’t worry we are not moving again. 
Sorry for a little ads break here … if you’re interested in getting a lightbox custom made or just purchase one of the ready made please visit our Etsy store : https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/Bingkai
Well ..that have almost covered all the months 🙂  
This weekend we are taking a little break, going to Toowoomba Flower Festival. Booked a place on AirBnB for a night. Toowoomba is not far from Gold Coast probably just about 2 hours drive.   Will share some photos here next week 😉 hope it’s fun! 
Meanwhile here is some progress in studio today. .. 
Hope everyone has a productive week ahead! see you next … 
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