Exciting Month! My birthday

I always like December… there is Christmas, there is New Year around the corner, and there is my Birthday and also Eng’s Birthday. And, this year we are building our studios in Australia! The feeling is so much different !

So below is a photo of me in ‘work’. We are actually building the sound insulation wall, see the batts that we have put up? and now we are finishing the wall with Yellow Tongue, a type of floor board which is very versatile and it clicks on each sheet easily but it is quite heavy though when we have to put it up on the wall. And, I am really proud of ourselves, we are doing it ourselves for the whole wall. It is amazed to know what you could achieve until you are actually doing it. And you will know how strong you are. Just don’t give up and keep on trying, pushing the limit!

Construction Work at Our Studio, Rutland Street, Newtown

For my birthday, I have got myself from garage sales, two decorative items, a candle holder and a glass fruits plater. The candle holder, I have used it as a little vase instead.

Ratan Decor Item - Candles Holder / Small Flower Vase
decorative fruits plater

And guess what, we have our first guest for our listing on AirBNB – rent unique places around the world. from Shanghai, China. And they arrived on my birthday! haaa.. how cool is that.

It’s December and Christmas is just around the corner! And it is the Oz Christmas! I have just received a greeting cards from Steve, my landlord in Canberra. That is so sweet and I am touched. I still feel a physical greetings is greater than a greetings words electronically.

Let me wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

All the best!

Merry Christmas form Ching and Eng
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