My First Painting in Australia – Rose Cockatoo – SOLD

Rose Cockatoo - original textured acrylic painting -SOLD
I am way too happy !! I have my first sale on Etsy since arrived in Australia and it is my first painting done in Australia. 
The painting were sent to Junko in South Australia on Tuesday and thanks to Australia Post it arrived on Friday. She has been really happy to have my painting .. and she has sent me this email: 

Helloooo Ching Ching 

Your red cockatoo painting today!!!
The painting is absolutely gorgeous in person /
I like the nice graduation of colours – it gives the painting a lot of depth.
My husband also like the painting.
I’ll hang it in either the kitchen or the bedroom

I am really happy to own a piece of your art
Thank you very much, Ching Ching.

Keep in touch


And, on the other note of my days in Canberra…

Looking at we are moving soon, we are on our wheels in most of the weekends haa.. going around Canberra and near by. We have visited War Memorial Museum, it is a must see if you are in Canberra, it is not of what we have expected. The entrance water feature reminds me of Taj Mahal. 

War Memorial Museum ACT Australia
love the public arts features … 
Public Art in War Memorial Museum in ACT
A few weekends ago, we had been up to Corin Forest, but too bad we chose the wrong day with no snow, my colleague has been up there with snow .. where they have throwing snow balls and making snow man… too bad till now I haven’t experienced any snow. There were a 10 mins snow last week in the city but Eng and I have missed that in work .. 🙁  … 
See the frozen lake at Corin Forest .. and there is a cozy little cafe that you could have bbq marshmallow over fire place in the cafe. 
Frozen Lake in Corin Forest
Corin Forest
During the winter, some days are started with icy misty morning on our way to work … 
Misty Morning Drive to Work
But we are also amazed by how strong the winter sun could be in some days …

Amazing Winter Sunlight in Canberra
And, there was on weekend we were stopped by the captivating Rainbow over Lake Burley Griffin.

Rainbow Over Lake Burley Griffin
And now, seeing Cherry Tree blossoming, spring is here!! How interesting life could be with four seasons 😉

Cherry Blossom and Spring is Here
You must have been noticing that my blog post is like getting all the activities of many many weeks squeezed into one post. I have to apologize for being slagging a bit lately with the online presence. I might have too occupied with the activities happening lately and have been busy with experimenting in cooking. I promise to share more cooking experiment soon once things get more organized. 
The chapter in Canberra is almost over, we are heading to Geelong real soon. Sometime in September … A New Start in Spring. 
A new chapter is soon to reveal itself. 
Live my life to the fullest at least it should satisfy myself and be grateful  ðŸ™‚ 
Cheers Mate! 

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5 thoughts on “My First Painting in Australia – Rose Cockatoo – SOLD

  1. Hello Ching Ching 😀
    I'm enjoying looking at your painting "Red Cockatiel" everyday 😀
    I really love it.
    Spring is coming to Adelaide too. Many flowers have started blooming now 😀
    Cheers, mate!

  2. Nice photos. Great work. Did you snaps it? Best choice

  3. The stunning your first painting in Australia, so It was no wonder for it is sold already. I enjoyed your photos too. You had luck to face such beauties, Wow! Best wishes.

  4. Nice photos. Enormous effort superlative option

    1. Thanks Billy. ♥

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