ChingTeoh’s Art to be Published by McGaw Graphics

Beside wanting to tell you about the humid hot weather, and mushroom is growing up in one of my pots, I have a great news to share!!! 
I had just signed an agreement with McGaw Graphics!  ChingTeoh Arts will be published by McGaw Graphics real soon.  Formerly known as Bruce McGaw Graphics, based in Vermont and New York, has been a leader in the publishing world for over 30 years. And now, McGaw Graphics is carrying on that tradition from to with sales offices and distributors worldwide.
I’m so excited!! .. hmm why do I feel like I’d drank a whole pot of coffee! 
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2 thoughts on “ChingTeoh’s Art to be Published by McGaw Graphics

  1. Great news, Ching! Congratulations! It sounds like a good opportunity. Best of luck to you.

    ps: did you mean "Vermont"?

  2. Hi Rob Thanks for the visit! hugs 🙂

    ps: and thanks for the heads up I think my mind is just too excited to work it right. haaa.. I had just edited to Vermont. haa..thanks 🙂

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