Another Two Paintings Heading to Provincetown, Massachusetts

My two Paintings Nature I and Nature III are now heading to Provincetown, Massachusetts.

From Google Map, found photo of Provincetown, a really beautiful town. According to Toddleberry, it was a Portuguese fishing and whaling village, and now a tourist spot.

photo by ToodleBerry
photo by dadofliz

photo by cosmac
I wish I could be visiting this place soon. 
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2 thoughts on “Another Two Paintings Heading to Provincetown, Massachusetts

  1. wow your work looks gorgeous… right as if they were glowing with life! The place also looks beautiful… like a quaint town

  2. hi Meekiyu, thank you so much for your nice compliment. 🙂

    yeah, I love the place … i agree with you it looks quaint town. 🙂



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