There is Always Tomorrow

That’s why there’s always tomorrow, to start over again
Things will never be the same, the only sure thing’s CHANGE  
(chorus from Gloria Estafan’s Always Tomorrow)

Title: There is Always Tomorrow
currently available in my Etsy shop
It could be less pressured when we think that there’s always a second chance for us to start over but it doesn’t mean that we could take it for granted. Today is still the best present of all! Live ‘today’ to the fullest.

I’m 39 by December, and will very soon be 40. haha.. 30 was just felt like yesterday. Time really doesn’t wait for anyone. Did I live my life to the fullest?  Yes, I am. After obtaining a Masters’ Degree, I started my working life  as a computer programmer then as a system analyst but decided to make a big jump into a different industry with Khoo, we started a frame and art shop! Our friends and family, no one agree on what we did, haha.. giving up a high salary career. Maybe they have to understand that success just couldn’t be measured quantitatively. agree? ..

I’m glad that there’s always tomorrow for our new ventures! There will be more of new passage that we would like to fill our life with.

Thanks for reading, cheers!

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