I am so happy to see my banana plant having a flower bud this week! wow. I feel that our day is going brighter and brighter … Here let me share some photo with you, isn’t she pretty ? I will update more photos as she grows

And, we are very excited about the upcoming project. for the last few weeks we had been busy with the artwork proposal and yesterday we need to attend a site meeting .. so .. i was trying on this helmet. .. funny . i feel that I look really awkward in this safety helmet.. funny looking yeah! .. anyway, the meeting went through quite ok .. though nothing is confirmed but we have a narrower scope to work on.

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5 thoughts on “Exciting!

  1. Great to know things are looking good… please keep posting.

  2. hi GP, thanks for dropping by. will see you around!

  3. so next time when I go to your shop, can eat fresh banana. 😛

  4. haha.. but too bad Joie, according to one of my friends that this species the flower don't develop to banana .. just only flower . haha.. I also hope to have banana..

  5. Cheers!..to your success.
    Banana bloom and all.
    Be well.

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