Stealing vs. Gardening

my pot and plant are gone!! They were still there this morning, but after lunch just now, they were gone! What !! steeling in the middle of the DAY and on this busy street of Nagore Road ! I can’t believe it! 
I hate to say this, but this is not the first time. I had two other pots, handmade clay tall beautiful pots had also been stolen when I first moved here. So after that incident I use only plastic Baba pot for plants in front of my shop. Within this four years, not only plants were stolen, but my car tyres together with the rims. Then, my car CD player, and breaking my car windows just for some coins I forgot to take out from my car …. 
Not only the above mentioned that make me mad, but my small garden in front of my shop is ending up as a garbage site for some gentlemen and ladies who park their cars here and go for dinner. I would have to spend some of my beautiful weekend morning cleaning up the garbage. 
Feel so disappointed. This is such a beautiful place, but I feel sorry for the irrational attitude of some people. Are theses people too lazy? If you love the plant just ask, I am more than happy to give you.  Won’t you feel that, with your own effort, gardening is more fun and enjoyable then steeling?  
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2 thoughts on “Stealing vs. Gardening

  1. Obviously there is garden envy in your hood, and other green monsters too.

    Gardening is truly a therapeutic act.

  2. yes. I think there is some green monsters..:)

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