Love my Namecard/ Bookmark design

At least some good news to brighten up  my day! 

at last my namecard / bookmark is printed and received today.
this time, I ‘cleverly’ designed it 2-in-1 .. it is a bookmark and if folded it is a namecard. 
the quality printed this time is excellent I would say no complain about it. Thanks to CrownPrint & Associates, a local printer in Penang. 
And, another good news is I had been contacted by a shop in New Orlean, they would like to carry my arts (as what I am selling on Etsy) in their shop.  Would need to reply them with a wholesale price and terms and conditions. This is my first time of wholesale request. Wholesale in art? I am also wondering how I should go about it. I will update here again, with the news. Hope things could work out.
As I said in my other post earlier, I am searching for a better life …  not monetary but quality of life .. of being live
or I should not say searching? … as sometime ‘getting to the destination’ is not that important, but ‘enjoying the journey’ is the key … especially in life. 
while on the journey of life, we have to ‘drive’ while we enjoy the scenery along side… 🙂  .. and remember, we could always choose the road to journey on. 
yeah before I forgot, it is weekend again! .. enjoy the weekend everyone! cheers! 
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